3 Google Adwords updates that will affect your business.

by | Apr 27, 2016 | Adwords | 0 comments

This month (April 2016) Google has charged forward with more changes to its PPC Ads and Map Listings. Although no major disruption is predicted for advertisers or adwords agencies, it will be important for advertisers and agencies to recognise these changes, monitor their reports and manage their Adwords campaigns accordingly to the changes.

Change 1 : Google Drops side ads

As of April 27th this will be fairly old news but Google has removed its PPC ads from the right-hand side of its desktop search results. Ultimately the change was made to unify the experience across all devices. As mobile and tablet dont have side ads it was the desktop experience that was changed.

From now, there will be a 4th Ad above the organic search results and still ads in positions 5-7, but these will now be at the bottom of the first page, rather than at the side. To show you what Google now looks like, here is a search for ‘buy houses’ carried out today with the new 4 Ad layout:

Search ads


Change 2 : Ads in Maps results

The second, more recent change from Google is the introduction of Ads into Google Maps. PPC specialists who use location extensions in Maps now have their ads eligible to show, but those without location extensions will not.

This will be an automatic upgrade for advertisers who use location extensions as they will now have their ads shown in Maps. If you use location extensions it is important to monitor your campaigns for an increase in impressions and clicks.


Change 3: Google Maps is no longer a Search Partner

The third change we are going to talk about is that Google Maps is no longer included as a Google Search Partners list, it is essentially becoming integrated into the overall Google Search list.

What this means for PPC specialists, who historically used location extensions but opted out of using Google Search partners, will now be included in Maps results and as a result more impressions available for the Adwords auction.  

Google Adwords Advertisers & Agencies 

All of the changes above require Adwords advertisers or digital marketing agencies to monitor their reports and keep an eye on their bids and budgets as CPCs and impressions fluctuate. It would be advisable to review all extensions and use those that apply to you. If you can refine your Adwords strategy in this way it will help to remain competitive under the new adwords.