an interesting update which we rather like the look of.

The Google my business update introduces a new feature that helps you catch customers’ attention even more.  Google my business listings now have the option to appear with a company update and image as shown on the bottom right of the image below.

To do this was surprisingly easy and took 2 minutes. We highly recommend you take the time to update your companies profile and benefit from the enhanced results.

How to update your Google my business posts

To update your Google my business profile log into you your account:

1. Go to the “Posts” tab: 


2. Create your post and select a call to action for your potential customer 


The text limit for each post is between 100-300 words. There is also the option to “Add a button”

My favourite option is the “Add a button” – this allows for various options such as: Learn More, Reserve, Sign Up, Buy & Get Offer. The “Learn more” button allows you to add a link and direct traffic to a specific page, like a normal social media update would, or similar to an Adwords advert.

This is how the button appears on Google – very snazzy!




We think that the types of updates which will work well are: 

  • Reviews
  • Promotions
  • Articles and blog posts (by you)
  • Internal News
  • Events

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