About  Us


Long story short

We are committed to developing digital strategies, that are professionally handled, and well delivered.  It is important for us to be recognised as hard working people who solve problems for our clients. We want to achieve! Win new customers, and show quality results that speak for themselves –  we know this is what make our clients happy. We focus on both delivering high-performing digital campaigns and educating our clients into exactly what we’re doing, how we’re doing it and most importantly why we’re doing it.

Our Team

A useful combination of experience, marketing knowledge, business nous and common sense to make sure we can provide the best solution for our clients in terms of digital marketing.

Business Development Director

Will is our business development machine who is responsible for securing new clients and expanding relationships across core services. William started his professional life training as a chartered accountant in Leeds for a nation wide group where he played a strategic role by providing professional advice, aimed at maximising profitability on behalf of his clients. William still continues to do this for Bidmark clients, however nowadays he is Adwords qualified and obsessed with marketing! Aren’t we all!

Marketing Director

Liam has a range of experiences and perspectives when it comes to digital marketing. Coming from a large agency background he prefers a data-driven approach to deliver results. Liam’s role is to ensure that Insight, Strategy, Analytics and Reporting is of the highest quality. Working with heads and account teams in Leeds to ensure that Bidmarks work meets the client’s objectives.

Marketing Executive

Oliver is a young, savvy, marketing executive with plenty of talents which include being a semi-pro snooker player! When he’s not at work we expect he is probably playing (and beating!) Steve Davis. Oliver is well involved in researching, planning, building and developing marketing campaigns for Bidmark clients. Oliver supports the heads of department to ensure that his marketing campaigns are consistently hitting targets.

About Us

We are committed to providing the best service for all of our clients

Expert Service

We are committed to providing the best quality of Adwords Management (Pay Per Click) & SEO services, Display advertising and Website design



You can always cancel or change your agreement with us with just one month notice so you have the freedom to modify, upgrade, downgrade, pause or even exit our service.

Quality Assured

We are able to provide each of our Google AdWords clients with a Quality Score Tracker as our way of showing you the quality of your campaigns and how they improve under our management.


As a website marketing agency we have developed a process driven approach to account management which means that we can quickly deploy and synchronize campaigns across multiple networks.


Bidmark has met the following requirements and is therefore accredited as a Google Partner:

  • Bidmark has at least 2 AdWords certified colleagues (to show our advanced knowledge)
  • Bidmark has met the high spend requirement (which demonstrates that we have a healthy amount of activity and look after large accounts.)
  • Bidmark has met high performance requirements ( by delivering consistent AdWords revenue and growth for our clients, and also showing we can retain clients through good results)



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