Case Study: Avery Walters

Avery Walters Case Study

The Client

Avery Walters is a family run firm based in the heart of Leeds. Their objective is to provide big firm advice to individuals and businesses at highstreet prices.

Their objective was to increase the quality of their inbound leads through Paid Search Advertising. As a result of ongoing Bidmark PPC management Avery Walters have seen a 733% increase in Adwords conversions.



The challenges faced by the team at Avery Walters was the quality of enquiries for their services were not as good as they would like. They wanted to explore how with the use of paid search (PPC) techniques they could improve the quality of their inbound enquiries.

How WE Helped

BIDMARK utilised Call only ads which were designed to encourage people to call Avery Walters. Call campaigns allowed us to focus on getting more calls straight from the ads directly through to Avery Walters. Conversions were tracked on phone calls which lasted more than a minute and it is on this metric (phone call enquires or over 1 minute) which we generated a 733% increase on when compared with enquiries via the online form.

The Results Were Amazing

After one month of work with the Bidmark team Avery Walters saw an instant improvement as we saw their cost per lead decrease dramatically and their number of inbound enquiries not only increase but saw the quality increase in parallel. Ongoing we have turned our attention to a new set of approaches such as Out Of Office campaigns to improve Avery Walters results even further.


Increase in leads




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