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A fine jewellery retailer faces a significant challenge in marketing the store’s quality jewellery products to its target market especially in today’s high streets. And this is why online provides an important opportunity for retailers of fine jewellery.  We can not stress enough, our jewellery clients see a huge ROI from using multi channel marketing to drive sales with small budgets often helping to deliver high amounts of revenue. If you are a luxury jewellery retailer and not marketing online please get in touch, you will not regret it. Or if you already are and would like to see if you can increase your ROI we would also be grateful for the challenge.


We manage your social media campaigns with several tactics and methods previously proven to to drive traffic, engage with your audience and increase sales.


Our in-house PPC experts are ready to take on your PPC campaigns and increase focus on lead generation via PPC campaigns. We put a heavy focus on optimising your PPC spend to consistently improve conversion rates and beating last months / last years results.




Based in Leeds our SEO experts offer essential SEO optimization techniques to our clients. This is a mix of keyword targeting, content creation and link earning. As a UK based SEO company, we are well placed to help harness the power of search to increase the sales through your website.


Although the finer details of all our plans are tailored to your specific needs we can predict strong performance from tried and tested campaign strategies. For example our PPC experts might begin by driving large volumes of traffic through Google shopping campaigns on watch brands which you make the highest profit margin on. It is surprising to see some of the order values received through Google shopping with sales of over £50K online not unheard off.

Another benefit of Google shopping is that it allows us to visually display our products whilst successfully negotiating trademark issues many retailers come across when looking to advertise their fine jewellery. To increase the conversion rate of your shop traffic we might next use dynamic remarketing to shows ads of the exact watches viewed on your site to customers – after they leave your site. This works well to drive returning visitors who purchase from your site.

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