RLSA marketing strategies


Bidmark are a dynamic agency suitable for assisting with remarketing lists for search ads. Instead of using standard banner ads RLSA works by showing your ads to site visitors when they go back to Google to make a search.

 How can RLSA help your business?

Consider a few ways we help our clients to do this:

Repeat Customers

Target repeat visitors with a discount promo for the category or section they are viewing to try and entice them over the line.

Increase retention

Target a previous visitor who abandoned their cart and then searches on a competitor’s term, keeping your ads in view, keeps you in the frame.


Campaign analysis (pre, during and post) is standard, along with intelligent reporting, written in plain English, together with robust recommendations based upon the results.

RLSA Campaigns

Instead of showing banner ads, you show your users the classic text ads. RLSA is less used option so can work well as there is little competition, and anyone who is running a Google Adwords campaign should be using this option on their existent text ads. Here are some ways we can help with your RLSA campaigns:


By understanding your business, customers and targets, we can create a short or long term strategy, which will position your brand where you want it to be, and deliver your goals.


We make it our job to make sure every ad impression works hard for your business.


Negative remarketing works by blocking customers who have already made a purchase from seeing your ads. This saves marketing spend for new customers only.

The Process Of Getting Started

The Setup Process Takes 1-2 Business Days. We Keep The Setup Process Easy And Simple.


Custom Proposal

We start the process with initial questions which will help us to develop a tailored proposal which suites your business requirements.


Strategy Development

We develop a strategy and outline steps which ill be taken to help your business achieve its goals.


We Send Over The Contract

Once the strategy is agreed on by both parties we will send over contracts which bind our agreements. We usually require a 3 month minimum contract period for services.

Strategy Implementation

We get to work implementing the agreed strategy, working on, and optimising your campaigns whilst reporting back to you and keeping you informed.

Our Latest Work

We work with local businesses and national brands, check out just some of companies we’ve helped to succeed in digital marketing over the years.


Ready to get started?


Speak to one of our trusted experts who will carry out a free marketing assessment of your business to explore your current marketing activity, highlight possible pain points & spy on your competitors. Then we will recommend a marketing strategy to improve the quality of sales or leads leads moving forwards.