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We are an influencer marketing agency based in Leeds, UK and we specialise in producing Influencer marketing campaigns for fashion, fitness, leisure, lifestyle & travel brands. Over the last few years our agency has worked hard to develop in-house expertise, partnerships with influencers and strategic alliances with world-class production teams, all of which allow us to bring together high-quality social influencer marketing campaigns for our clients.

Let’s review some of the top services we provide for our influencer marketing clients…


Brand Films
When people come across your info online you want them to instantly connect and know more, so our aim is to deliver brand films that stir the emotions and make that connection.

Social Films
Our social films are designed in the right formats for each social media platform. This way the films can be distributed digitally and integrate well with each of the social networking services.

360 Video

Placing viewers in the heart of the action makes each experience unique to the user. For us, 360 video has reinvented the idea of digital storytelling.


Our influencer marketing consultants focus on both delivering high-performing digital strategies and educating our clients into exactly wat they should be doing.

We assist with the planning stage of marketing campaigns such as budgeting, strategy (above), sourcing and can also assist in influencer casting if required.

Full campaign management
We pride ourselves in our level of commitment to clients when managing campaigns. We aim to be an influencer management agency that proactively present opportunities that will improve your business.


Instagram Photography

We provide new content on a monthly basis in a  consistent style that encourages engagement from your followers across your social media channels.

Editorial Photography

We’ve extensive experience in creating strong images to accompany articles, and our editorial photos can make a real difference in attracting attention. 

Lifestyle Photography

 As professional photographers we capture a moment in time forever for our clients. We pride ourselves in creating an unforgettable experiences for customers and brands.


Let’s review some of the various platforms we run our campaigns on…



We run Instagram influencer marketing campaigns that deliver real results. Whether you want awareness through video views, engagement, sales or return on investment our social media influencers on instagram can help.



Facebook campaigns work well as, aside from allowing you to reach a huge and engaged audience, Facebook is also the second most preferred platform among influencers themselves. 



We run Twitter influencer campaigns on Twitter with Twitter influencers that we know will deliver the best value for your business. We combine analytical insights, bespoke content and relevant influencer targeting to achieve key results for all of our clients.



We drive YouTube influencer led campaigns which focus on delivering results in an ever-evolving industry. Whether you’re looking to build your brand, generate awareness, connect to new audiences, or drive traffic, our YouTube influencer agency knows how to position your brand on YouTube.



We are a leading specialists in influencer social strategy and content production for Snapchat. We use 3×10 second snaps to deliver your branded message on Snapchat profiles and shared by relevant influencers via Snapchat.


We run campaigns in various sectors, namely…



However established your fashion brand may be, we’re able to ensure you get cut through in the in the most synonymous sector for social influencer activity. More importantly, we focus our campaigns on driving sales by establishing and delivering a multi channel fashion influencer strategy.



We connect fitness brands to the biggest content creators on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter. Having worked with various gym and club operators, supplement brands and fitness professionals, our social influencer consultants know how to turn creative digital content into a heavy ROI.



We provide an access point for brands and agencies to connect with content producers and luxury social influencers. By creating innovative content and influential campaigns, we enable luxury brands to tell their story through the world’s top social media influencers.



Our Influencer marketing services help promote any lifestyle brand looking to drive awareness or drive sales through varied influencer content and use of products and services within influencers’ daily lives. 



Whether you’re a hotel, tour operator, travel agent, or holiday firm, there are plenty of influencers with plenty of ways to promote your brand over social media channels.


Our agency aim is to provide clear, profitable influencer marketing to help your company grow. It is important for us to be recognised as good people to work with so, as an agency, our people are committed to providing the best service for all of our clients.


We are committed to providing the best quality of Influencer marketing services including strategy, sourcing, management and consulting – depending on what you need!


Our agency has been built on having unmatchable relationships and connections, enabling us to provide a streamlined approach for our clients which helps deliver the best results within budgets and timeframes.


Our social influencer agency network has influencers on all social media channels. From celebrities, right down to micro-influencers who specialise in niche industries.

The Process Of Getting Started

The setup process can take 1-2 business days or 1-2 months depending on project size. We keep the setup process easy & simple so contact us today to find out more about your project.


Custom Proposal

We start the process with initial questions which will help us to develop a tailored proposal which suites your business requirements.


Strategy Development

We develop a strategy and outline steps which ill be taken to help your business achieve its goals.


We Send Over The Contract

Once the strategy is agreed on by both parties we will send over contracts which bind our agreements. We usually require a 3 month minimum contract period for services.

Strategy Implementation

We get to work implementing the agreed strategy, working on, and optimising your campaigns whilst reporting back to you and keeping you informed.


Ready to get started?


Speak to one of our trusted experts who will carry out a free marketing assessment of your business to explore your current marketing activity, highlight possible pain points & spy on your competitors. Then we will recommend a marketing strategy to improve the quality of sales or leads leads moving forwards.