How we’re navigating through the new COVID-19 landscape


Every business is now in uncharted territory, its pretty scary out there…

Of course, the most important thing we must all consider right now is our health and the wellbeing of everyone around us, and that is why we are following government advice by all staying home….

Has this stopped us working hard? Has this stopped us looking after our clients? Certainly not, it’s not the BIDMARK way.

Here at BIDMARK we believe when the going gets tough, the tough get going.

Cutting back, downsizing, limiting spend may be right for some businesses, but not for all businesses.

For some it is a case of adapting and evolving, not becoming extinct.

We’re still here, were still strong, and we’re more determined than ever to make it work, not just for our business, but also for our clients businesses.

We’re currently offering free reviews of your marketing activity to highlight the current opportunities during these challenging times. Contact us today if you need help with navigating through the new COVID-19 landscape…..