How Do I Know If I Need A Remarketing Agency?

Here's how.....

What is remarketing!? Well, have you ever noticed, after visiting a website and leaving that website, that you begin noticing adverts for the website that you have just been on? This is called remarketing (or retargeting), and is the discipline of showing your ads to people who have previously visited your site.

As a full service agency we work with clients on their strategy, creative, placement, coding, analysis and reporting of remarketing campaigns. All they need to get started is a website, and website traffic.

So, does remarketing work?

Each of our marketing plans is tailored to each client, and we would only advise remarketing if it was to help us achieve our goals. However, when deployed strategically, retargeting past site visitors can be a very effective way at turning your website traffic into sales. If your answer is yes to one or more of the questions below, then you could likely benefit from a remarketing line on your plan.

– Do you have an online marketing budget of at least ÂŁ600 a month?
– Do you have at least a 300 + monthly visits to your site?
– Do you sell a product or service with a long buying cycle?
– Are you concerned with cost effective branding for your business?
– Do you have significant online competitors?

What types of remarketing can I use? 

Remarketing has developed into many forms which allows us to take an everywhere approach by retargeting your customers on which ever device and sites they are browsing on:

Display remarketing 

Website retargeting mostly involves showing banner ads when people leave your website and browse the web or use mobile apps. This can cover up 80% of the sites and apps available online, however many people now spend time on Facebook and Twitter, which is why the next remarketing option is also popular…

Social remarketing 

Social media remarketing is displaying ads on social network platforms such as Facebook & Twitter. With customers spending so much time on these sites it works to place yours ads in relevant parts of Facebook & Twitter.

remarketing list search ads

Instead of using standard banner Ads RLSA works by showing your ads to site visitors when they go back to Google to make a search. Instead of showing banner ads, you show your users the classic text ads. RLSA is less used option so can work well as there is little competition, and anyone who is running a Google Adwords campaign should be using this option on their existing text ads.

We have remarketing agency have been providing profitable remarketing campaigns for our clients for years, and have great campaign success stories (on request) . If you’d like to talk to us about remarketing services or to request and an up-to-date price card, simply contact us.

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