A great starting point for any business who wants to get more from their existing website traffic (or potential traffic) is to take an analytical view at their website and business. If you are confused with website analytics you’re not alone. Because of its apparent complexity analytical views are often overlooked in businesses. Therefore they miss out on the benefits that monitoring and reviewing your website traffic can provide in terms of golden insights which you can turn into actions and strategies that can positively affect your business. Below are 4 examples of different types of analytics that you can start looking at today!

Website Analytics.

Website analytics are a measurement tool for your business which allow you to manage your advertising ROI and help in understanding your websites traffic sources. One of the more popular website analytics tools is Google Analytics, this can be set up by adding Google Analytics codes to your site and linking your site property. Many website building platforms have plug ins or make it easy to install analytics codes.

Multivariate testing.

Multivariate testing shows different versions of your website to your websites traffic to see which combination performs the best. This leaves you with the best performing website which generates more sales and leads. Multivariate testing is becoming easier every day with sites such as Visual Website Optimiser doing a great job in making this type of analytics more accessible. Google Website Optimizer is another free tool that can get you up and running with A/B or multivariate testing in no time.

Customer surveys.

Are you using a customer survey? Customer surveys provide great qualitative data as well as feedback on how your actual customers feel about your site. Placing a questionnaire after your purchase form is a common tactic as this reaches your most loyal customers who are purchasing or requesting your services.

Webmaster tools.

Google and Bing offer webmaster tools that are gold mine of information on how your website is performing on search engines. These are primarily used as tools for those carrying out SEO marketing activity on their website. Webmaster tools provide vital information on broken links, page index errors, sitemaps errors and more. If you would like this set up (or interested in setting up any of the above analytical optimisations) on your site just get in touch and we can provide website analytics consulting to help you with that.